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Your recipe and technique rocks! I’ll never do uncut ribs again. Thanks for sharing this with me. They were a hit yesterday and today!


I tried the Blasphemy Ribs for the first time today on the Backwoods Chubby G2. They came out great. Tasted just as you described. More bite than a 2-2-1 but very good. Definitely an option for folks wanting ribs but not having 5-6 hours.


I just did 3 racks of very meaty baby backs this way. Gave 1/3 of the bounty to my daughter, and kept the rest. Verdict: we all loved the result. I am sure this will be the “go to” method from now on.


I just want to say that I cooked 3 racks of baby backs on Labor Day using your “Blasphemy” method, and I think they were some of the best ribs we’ve ever eaten – and done twice as fast as normal too! I think the seasoning, smoke and sauce getting on all 4 sides of each rib made a huge difference, versus when you cook the slab whole, and slice it after cooking. For what its worth, my wife and kids always liked that “fall off the bone” I would get if I wrapped in foil like in the 2-2-1 method. They all overwhelmingly like THESE ribs better, and its 2.5 hours total, unwrapped. In fact, they asked that I cook all ribs using this method going forward! There is just so much more flavor.


Did this over this past weekend. Game changer. As someone else said, it’s nice to be able to make ribs through the week now. Thanks for this!


I did Blasphemy Ribs EXACTLY per the recipe, for New Years Day… and it was awesome!! Less work and less TIME than traditional style. I cooked them on the KBQ. The recipe was perfect exactly as is, I don’t feel the need to change anything.

I’ll be doing it again for this Saturday’s dinner party / high school reunion thing. Can’t wait!

Thanks for sharing this great recipe!


I did these yesterday to take to my neighbors house for something a little different and they were very good. Everyone said they were better than my 3-2-1 ribs I usually make. There was none left afterwards, I will make the ribs this way again.


Husband happy. Dogs ecstatic. I’m very pleased. Smoky, tender, flavorful ribs, and that’s a win in my book.


Is there a Nobel prize for rib innovation? If so, you are the uncontested winner.


My go to way to cook ribs now. Delicious and cook much faster.


Made this tonight. A fantastic recipe. A great option for a quicker cook.


I followed you recipe for Blasphemy Ribs yesterday. Turned out awesome. Love the shorter smoking time.


I’ll add my thanks as well, brilliant approach. We did the back rib version, glazed with a Koreanish sauce that evolved from an oven brazing recipe. Yum!

Uncle Bob

The blasphemy ribs came out very good. The flavor profile – the combination of rub, sauce and smoke was excellent. The doneness was pretty good (I actually cooked them for 2:45 to get better tack on the sauce.) The texture/bite wasn’t quite what I have come to expect from my whole rack ribs, which I prefer, but it wasn’t bad be any stretch, just a tad denser. On the whole we both liked them and would make/eat them again.

The last time, I decide about 1:30 pm that I wanted ribs for dinner. They were frozen at that time. We ate at regular dinner time thanks to Blasphemy Ribs.


I tried these today to take to a Thanksgiving gathering, I followed the recipe to a tee, turned out great! I will definitely cook them again! Everyone that tried them was impressed! Thank you for sharing your method with us!


Made with St. Louis cut. I may have eaten a couple or 3 before they were brought inside.


They were terrific.


This was my third time making blasphemy ribs and I’m really happy with the way they came out!


Blasphemy ribs have become my go to way to fix ribs. Blasphemy Ribs always go over well, and since they are cut up before cooking, it’s easy to do several different flavors.


All HAIL Mark Garetz! Blasphemy ribs today were incredible. 2 racks gone like vultures had swooped in!!!


I just did some up last night for dinner. Cook took 3 hours from lighting charcoal to plate. Weber 22 and S&S. The only way I do ribs now.

BC, Canada

Blasphemy Ribs are a home-run!


I cooked a rack of Baby backs using this method last weekend. The wife just loved them, said they were the best she ever had. You’re making me look good!!! Thx!


They turned out very good. My wife loved ’em.


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  1. Read about your method several years ago, but never tried making them this way until today. I frankly was concerned that they would dry out and be rib jerky. Was I wrong!! Quite impressed with the finished product. Will probably be my “go to” for baby backs. Thanks for creating and sharing this technique!!


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