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New! How to Line the Grease Bucket…The Easy Way!

How to Line The Grease Bucket…The Easy Way

Equipment I Use


The smoker I use is a Rec Tec RT-680, which has been replaced by the RT-700. It’s basically the same unit with a different paint scheme, more stainless and upgraded controller and firebox. (My 680 has these upgrades now.) It has worked great for me and has terrific temperature stability. You can purchase it here.

If that’s too big, the smaller Rec Rec RT-590 is also very good. You can purchase it here.


I can’t say enough about the need for good thermometers. You will want a good, fast reading thermometer for spot checking temperatures, as well as units that can read grill and meat temperatures and let you monitor them remotely. I highly recommend products from Thermoworks.

The hands-down best instant-read thermometer is the New Thermapen ONE. This is replacing the MK4, which was fantastic, but the new Thermapen ONE takes it to the next level by giving you an accurate reading in just one second! It uses one AAA battery rated for 2000 hours, features a built-in automatic backlight, and the display auto-rotates so you can always read it right side up! It incudes a comprehensive manual that covers much more than just turning it on, a shorter operational guide, a certificate of calibration, and they even throw in a packet of Jelly Bellies. I use mine all the time to spot check temperatures. If you get nothing else, get this!

If your grill has accurate probe-based thermometers, you are golden. DO NOT trust the dial thermometer built into the lid. They are notoriously inaccurate. Otherwise, get yourself a good, remote reading thermometer. A single probe is fine, like the BlueDOT, but I’d spend a little extra and get a multi-probe unit, like the Smoke, Smoke-X (extended range) or Signals. They will let you monitor the grill temp and one or more meat temperatures. The Smoke and Smoke-X come with their own portable receiver, while the Signals uses either Bluetooth or WiFi. WiFi lets you monitor the cook from almost anywhere. You can’t go wrong with any of them. The probes are thin and professional grade.

Grill Pan

For the easiest way to cook Blasphemy Ribs, I put them on a grill pan to move them onto and off the smoker. I have a lot of them, and my favorite is the Weber 6435. Buy it from Amazon by clicking here. and the Pitmaster Club

I owe a lot of my smoking smarts to Meathead Goldwyn and his site. You can find a ton or more of useful smoking, grilling and other related info there. You’ll even find my Blasphemy Ribs recipe featured in the Pork section of Tested Recipes.

There is a pay side to the site called the PitMaster Club. You’ll learn even more there and get the chance to converse with me and other BBQ gurus. It’s well worth the small amount of money per year to belong.

Meathead also has published a fantastic book, based on the site. It’s called Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling. I have a lot of BBQ/Smoking books and this one is head and shoulders above the rest. Order it on Amazon here.

Setting up your grill for 2 zone smoking

If you don’t have a smoker, then in order to make Blasphemy Ribs, you’ll need to set your grill for 2-zone smoking. You will find great instructions, courtesy of here.

Smoking on a grill

If you don’t have a smoker, you’ll also need to know how to add hardwood to fire to get smoke. This article from goes into great detail about smoke and in the middle are some practical ideas for generating smoke. You may also have heard or read that you should soak your wood. Meathead busts this myth here.

Here’s a video I did on the way I line the grease bucket for my pellet grill. I’ve never seen or heard of anyone else doing it this. Enjoy!


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