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Mark Garetz

Hi. My name is Mark Garetz and this site is all about my new, revolutionary recipe and technique for smoking ribs with more flavor and in half the time!

I have been smoking meats now for about 8 years. Started with wood chips on a Weber gas grill set up for indirect heat and quickly graduated to a vertical propane smoker. That was really hard to adjust and maintain temperatures on. It got easier when I added a 10 turn needle valve to adjust the propane flow, but still not ideal.

My local Costco has Traeger “events” every few months and I had been eyeing the Jr. One day my wife said we should get it and I fell in love with pellet smokers. Even though it turned out some great food, hat model had their simplest controller and it was still hard to maintain an accurate, even temp. I upgraded the controller without much improvement. I was tired of babysitting the smoker. That’s when I started searching for a better pellet grill.

There are lots more choices now, but around $1000 back then the only real choice with a PID controller (one that learns and adjusts as conditions change) was Rec Tec. I made the plunge for a Rec Tec RT-680. What a difference!

That model is no longer in production. It’s been replaced by the RT-700. It has an upgraded controller and firebox, among other things. I’m still using the 680, but I have upgraded to the new controller and firebox.

Now that I have the Rec Tec, I have never used the vertical smoker and the Jr. got returned.

Blasphemy Ribs

I started out smoking by using the excellent advice and recipes on AmazingRibs.com – a site run by Meathead Goldwyn. I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already. Meathead has a fantastic recipe for making ribs “normally” called Last Meal Ribs. It uses a rub recipe Meathead calls Memphis Dust. If you want to make ribs the traditional way, this is the way to do it.

On the AmazingRibs.com site I am proud to say they featured a short version of my Blasphemy Ribs recipe there under the Pork Ribs section, but the longer version is here and also with a lot of discussion on the paid part of the site called the Pitmaster Club. If you are serious about BBQ, I highly recommend you join! See more info here, and they offer a free 30 day trial.

Meathead also has a recipe on the site for Char Siu style ribs (like you get in a Chinese restaurant), which cooks the ribs individually. My wife likes this style of rib better, so I have made that recipe many times, but with my variations. (See Char Siu Blasphemy for my recipe.) One day I thought what if I make Last Meal Ribs with the Char Siu technique and that’s how Blasphemy Ribs were born! While promising, it would take many more tries to get Blasphemy Ribs to turn out right.

So I hope you enjoy this site and if you make Blasphemy Ribs, come back and add a comment to the recipe. I’ll also be posting some of my other recipes, some related Blasphemy Ribs, some to serve with them.

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