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Blasphemy Pulled Pork


Home-smoked pulled pork is just the best, but it takes a long time to cook (10-12+ hours) and everyone wants some of the great bark. Blasphemy Pulled Pork gets the cooking done in less time (about 7 hours) and every piece has some bark!

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Blasphemy Cole Slaw


Here is the way I make cole slaw and how I keep it from getting soggy. There have been many solutions to this, like salting and rinsing the cabbage. Yes, it works some, but the cabbage is still limp compared to fresh and it’s a big hassle. The solution is simple. Keep the dressing separate until serving, like we do with most other salads.

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Char Siu Blasphemy Ribs


 Char Siu Ribs Blasphemy Style. While it doesn’t literally translate, we have come to think of Char Siu as the style of BBQ Pork you get at a Chinese Restaurant. These are ribs done in that style, which are often served as appetizers in the same restaurants. My wife likes […]

Blasphemy Ribs

Blasphemy Ribs Recipe


Normally we smoke a whole rack of ribs, low and slow, for 5-6 hours. Then we cut them apart to eat them. For Blasphemy Ribs, we slice the rack into individual ribs before we cook them. The ribs cook in half the time and have more flavor.